"Our Objective is Your Security"

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NC LANTING SECURITY SPECIALIST AGENCY(NCLSSA) - MG LANTING SECURITY SPECIALIST AGENCY INC.(MGLSSAI) stands for its operational competence, stability and suitability to adapt to the needs of our clients, both in the government and private sectors. These are emphasized and projected by our Agency’s vision: “ONWARD THRU RELIABILITY”. Our motto: “OUR OBJECTIVE IS YOUR SECURITY” is understood and interpreted as a guarantee that all clients are assured of protection and security, with dedication and honesty that brought about prominence in this particular field. We, at NC LANTING SECURITY SPECIALIST AGENCY - MG LANTING SECURITY AGENCY INC., do not treat our clients’ mere customers but as business partners who share common vision and mission of attainment of goals and objectives thru quality security service.

NCLSSA - MGLSSAI, as a service oriented enterprise, is reflected by the public as a company that puts the client needs and satisfaction as its utmost priority.




Protection and defense capability

The client’s nature of business and the environment will determine what strategic security plan the AGENCY will implement and the number of arms to be deployed...



mobilization and deployment capability

Fast response necessitates available and operationally capable transport units manned by personnel who are trained in defensive and offensive driving...


Agency capability

As modern technology has become more affordable, it is now more accessible to almost anyone with the right resolve and motivation allowing criminal elements to become more sophisticated...


Agency plan and system approach

The Agency is currently practicing and continuously developing and upgrading its systematic security approach through personnel orientations & training...